Finding bad credit car loans in Canada

Lucky me that my credit is good, because I just spent the afternoon looking and comparing bad credit car loans in Canada.

And to my surprise it’s horrible. Interest rates are higher than I thought possible, and the hoops you need to pass to get a loan are insane.

I’m happy that my credit is good, unfortunately some of my family live in Canada and aren’t a tech savvy or finance savvy as me.badcreditcarloans

So I spent my afternoon looking for car loans in Canada and comparing the companies.

I found only one decent place:

Seriously. I researched hundreds of companies maybe. Found 10 okay ones. and 1-3 ones I would actually use.

It takes so much time to swift through all the garbage out their to find a gem. My family is lucky that they have me, or they would have ended up paying 20% interest on their car loan… Now they only have to pay 7%.

No good by any means, but much better than they would have got calling in 1-3 companies. In a few hours I probably saved them a few thousand dollars. Hopefully get some nice christmas gifts out of this lol :) (Kidding!)

They should save their money and pay the bills, not buy gifts!

Going to Brazil For Vacation!


I’m going to brazil! My wife won some free flights to brazil, plus we got a big discount on our hotel. We’ll be staying at Hospital Copa Star, it’s a hospital and hotel apparently. Interesting… But that doesn’t matter. We got an amazing deals, that’s what matters.

My wife won the tickets at her work; from a work lotto draw party. Out of thousands of people she won. I married a lucky women =P

To be honest I don’t know much about Brazil, but it looks like an amazing place. Lot’s of beaches and nature, which I like.

I am somewhat concerned brazil vacationabout the Zika virus, and crime. Especially since I’m taking the kids are coming with us on this vacation.

The hotel appears to be in a very nice area, but I’ll need to research tourist attractions and make sure everything is fine.

Any of my Brazilian readers have any advice? What to see, what to do?

Let me know! I would be very interested in hearing from locals. You can email me and we could even meet up possibly.

Okay, that’s it for now. Just wanted to let the world know. Can’t hide my happiness¬†=)

You’re overpaying for car insurance

Oh boy, this is going to be a fun one. I love insurance, especially car insurance ( Major sarcasm). Unfortunately it’s a necessary evil. Kind of like taxes ( unless you’re a bartender).

I’ve been paying $220 a month for some crappy coverage, and suburban New Jersey. $220 is not a insignificant amount of money to me. So I decided to get off my lazy butt and see if there’s anything I could do to save some $$$. My buddy recommending

I went to the site, added my ZIP code then got like 12 companies offering me cheap insurance. Super easy. Especially since I freaking hate talking to insurance salesman.

I was able to get comparable insurance for $120. I just saved like $100 in 15 minutes. WORTH IT.

That’s like $1,200 a year. I could buy a new computer with that money.

So if you’re looking for cheap auto insurance in NJ or anywhere else I recommend If you want cheap car insurance in other states, here’s another website I recommend: Cheap car insurance in texas. You can thank me later. Want cheap car insurance in ga? Try the site in that link. One thing I learned, there’s a website for every state :)

While looking for car insurance I also ran into a pretty interesting site: ( Site is Canadian, but Americans can use it). It helps you find and compare bad credit car loans. I have great credit so I don’t need to use this site :), but I know a few of you aren’t so fortunate.


Welcome to Norcaldec

lazy guyHello & Welcome to Norcaldec, my name is Jon and this is my personal blog. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. I’m a Father of three
  2. Software developer
  3. Live in northern California! Screw Silicon valley.
  4. We do get rain, its south California that doesn’t!

Not much to say about myself. I’m luck enough to work for home, so I’ve decided to start this blog to talk about my experiences of working from home. While you might be thinking “Lucky guy, you work from home” It’s not as good as it seems. Working from home has a lot of negatives:

  1. You become an antisocial hermit, since you’re not forced to see or talk with anyone almost
  2. You get lazy. Working from home has made me super lazy
  3. Your home becomes a prison. I used to be happy coming back home from the office, now when work is done I feel NOTHING!

One of the reasons I’ve started this blog is to network & chat with other people in similar situations.

I’d also like to talk about open source software; since it’s something I’m really passionate about.