Finding bad credit car loans in Canada

Lucky me that my credit is good, because I just spent the afternoon looking and comparing bad credit car loans in Canada.

And to my surprise it’s horrible. Interest rates are higher than I thought possible, and the hoops you need to pass to get a loan are insane.

I’m happy that my credit is good, unfortunately some of my family live in Canada and aren’t a tech savvy or finance savvy as me.badcreditcarloans

So I spent my afternoon looking for car loans in Canada and comparing the companies.

I found only one decent place:

Seriously. I researched hundreds of companies maybe. Found 10 okay ones. and 1-3 ones I would actually use.

It takes so much time to swift through all the garbage out their to find a gem. My family is lucky that they have me, or they would have ended up paying 20% interest on their car loan… Now they only have to pay 7%.

No good by any means, but much better than they would have got calling in 1-3 companies. In a few hours I probably saved them a few thousand dollars. Hopefully get some nice christmas gifts out of this lol :) (Kidding!)

They should save their money and pay the bills, not buy gifts!