Going to Brazil For Vacation!


I’m going to brazil! My wife won some free flights to brazil, plus we got a big discount on our hotel. We’ll be staying at Hospital Copa Star, it’s a hospital and hotel apparently. Interesting… But that doesn’t matter. We got an amazing deals, that’s what matters.

My wife won the tickets at her work; from a work lotto draw party. Out of thousands of people she won. I married a lucky women =P

To be honest I don’t know much about Brazil, but it looks like an amazing place. Lot’s of beaches and nature, which I like.

I am somewhat concerned brazil vacationabout the Zika virus, and crime. Especially since I’m taking the kids are coming with us on this vacation.

The hotel appears to be in a very nice area, but I’ll need to research tourist attractions and make sure everything is fine.

Any of my Brazilian readers have any advice? What to see, what to do?

Let me know! I would be very interested in hearing from locals. You can email me and we could even meet up possibly.

Okay, that’s it for now. Just wanted to let the world know. Can’t hide my happinessĀ =)