You’re overpaying for car insurance

nj car insurance

Oh boy, this is going to be a fun one. I love insurance, especially car insurance ( Major sarcasm). Unfortunately it’s a necessary evil. Kind of like taxes ( unless you’re a bartender).

I’ve been paying $220 a month for some crappy coverage, and suburban New Jersey. $220 is not a insignificant amount of money to me. So I decided to get off my lazy butt and see if there’s anything I could do to save some $$$. My buddy recommending

I went to the site, added my ZIP code then got like 12 companies offering me cheap insurance. Super easy. Especially since I freaking hate talking to insurance salesman.

I was able to get comparable insurance for $120. I just saved like $100 in 15 minutes. WORTH IT.

That’s like $1,200 a year. I could buy a new computer with that money.

So if you’re looking for cheap auto insurance in NJ or anywhere else I recommend If you want cheap car insurance in other states, here’s another website I recommend: Cheap car insurance in texas. You can thank me later. Want cheap car insurance in ga? Try the site in that link. One thing I learned, there’s a website for every state :)

While looking for car insurance I also ran into a pretty interesting site: ( Site is Canadian, but Americans can use it). It helps you find and compare bad credit car loans. I have great credit so I don’t need to use this site :), but I know a few of you aren’t so fortunate.