Friend started a Chiropractic Marketing company

Hello guys and girls ( Like girls read my blog lol), I don’t normally do this but since this is for a good friend I want to recommend his service. He’s an online marketing guy who specializes in SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is,you can close this post ASAP, it’s not for you.

He specializes in marketing for chiropractic companies, doing SEO. He’s a chiropractic chiropractic marketingSEO. At first I was shocked that this is even a thing, like who does SEO for only one profession, but apparently it’s pretty common.

So if you need SEO work done, and you’re a chiropractor I want to recommend my buddy. I’m guessing the chance one of my readers fits all these criteria is zero, but it’s worth a shot, and I’m getting some pizza for this so it’s a great deal for me! Also he wrote a pretty awesome marketing guide: Chiropractic marketing, I recommend you read it!

Here’s he’s site if your interested: