Welcome to Norcaldec

lazy guyHello & Welcome to Norcaldec, my name is Jon and this is my personal blog. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. I’m a Father of three
  2. Software developer
  3. Live in northern California! Screw Silicon valley.
  4. We do get rain, its south California that doesn’t!

Not much to say about myself. I’m luck enough to work for home, so I’ve decided to start this blog to talk about my experiences of working from home. While you might be thinking “Lucky guy, you work from home” It’s not as good as it seems. Working from home has a lot of negatives:

  1. You become an antisocial hermit, since you’re not forced to see or talk with anyone almost
  2. You get lazy. Working from home has made me super lazy
  3. Your home becomes a prison. I used to be happy coming back home from the office, now when work is done I feel NOTHING!

One of the reasons I’ve started this blog is to network & chat with other people in similar situations.

I’d also like to talk about open source software; since it’s something I’m really passionate about.


No Down Payment Car Insurance or No deposit car insurance

So I finally managed to save a decent bit of money while changing car insurance! I hadn’t realised it was possible, but my sister mentioned that she’d gone for no down payment car insurance , and helped me search. I was a bit worried that there’d be some kind of ‘catch’ – maybe the coverage would be worse or something, but actually, it was really simple. The major difference was a slightly higher monthly rate or a slightly higher higher deductible. I’m also really thankful for online searching now, because being able to filter policies based on what features I want and don’t want made the whole thing much easier. Rather than having to trawl through all the policies with down payments, I could just filter them out of my list and see the ones I wanted. Definitely a huge time save, here it is if you need it by the way http://www.insurancecaffe.com/no-down-payment-car-insurance/. Plus, you can tweak you requirements as you go, meaning if you change your mind about the deductible or realise you can pay a bit more each month to avoid the deposit, you don’t need to start from scratch. Absolute lifesaver.

I guess for some people this is less convenient, but I don’t mind paying a little bit more each month to avoid a big one off payment-  I still don’t have much in my savings despite a decent wage, so this way means I don’t have to clear my savings out to get started! I’m also less worried about having to manage a deductible if anything does happen, because I’m keeping that money in my emergency fund.

I’d just always assumed that down payments were part of how insurance worked, so I was pretty pleased to find out that they’re actually just an option. I can see the appeal of them – if you have that money upfront, it’s useful for reducing monthly payments, but given I’m still building up my savings, I’m glad I didn’t have to.

The best thing is, I can stop worrying for a bit – my last policy wasn’t great, because I’d just gone with the first one I could find, but having spent more time researching I’m confident in what this covers, and feel much better about it. I’m not worried about the deductible costs due to the extra savings, and I know what I’m actually getting for the money I’m spending.

Also I forgot to mention no down payment car insurance is also known as no deposit car insurance. It’s exactly the same thing, just the name is slightly different. So don’t be too confused if you see car insurance with no deposit. A lot of websites list it like this: http://www.cheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/

Finding bad credit car loans in Canada

Lucky me that my credit is good, because I just spent the afternoon looking and comparing bad credit car loans in Canada.

And to my surprise it’s horrible. Interest rates are higher than I thought possible, and the hoops you need to pass to get a loan are insane.

I’m happy that my credit is good, unfortunately some of my family live in Canada and aren’t a tech savvy or finance savvy as me.badcreditcarloans

So I spent my afternoon looking for car loans in Canada and comparing the companies.

I found only one decent place: http://www.carloansfox.ca/

Seriously. I researched hundreds of companies maybe. Found 10 okay ones. and 1-3 ones I would actually use.

It takes so much time to swift through all the garbage out their to find a gem. My family is lucky that they have me, or they would have ended up paying 20% interest on their car loan… Now they only have to pay 7%.

No good by any means, but much better than they would have got calling in 1-3 companies. In a few hours I probably saved them a few thousand dollars. Hopefully get some nice christmas gifts out of this lol :) (Kidding!)

They should save their money and pay the bills, not buy gifts!

How to Improve Your Tennis Game – Guide for my buddy

I don’t do this often, but my buddy is really bad a tennis. So John, here’s a little guide to help make you better!

Tennis is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. Once you realize and accept this fact, your tennis game will improve, regardless of the quality of your opponents, whether you’re playing singles or doubles. Here are some additional practical tips to improve your play that I’ve learned over many years of competitive tennis.

10 Tips to Improve Your Tennis Game

Whether you’re just learning the game of tennis or are an experienced veteran of the game, I’ve found these simple tips will help you play better and win more matches. These are not “breaking news,” but I promise you they work.

  • Practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute for practice time, regardless of how great a natural athlete you are.
  • Create a plan for practicing. Simply hitting the ball is beneficial, but having a practice plan is much better to your improvement. Developing “muscle memory,” vital to playing all sports well, should be a component to your practice plan.
  • While you serve, volley, and rally by hitting the tennis ball with your arms, develop your footwork to improve your game. Your legs and feet are even more important to your game after you’ve developed a good “stroke,” with your tennis racquet.
  • Find some better players to practice with. Training with better players makes you a more advanced player. You’ll learn that, even if you get smoked by higher-quality players in practice, you’ll rise above formerly equal competition when you play.
  • Play as many tournaments as you can. As very good players will tell you, the more tournaments you play, the more “tournament tough” you become. As even junior players learn, the more tournaments they enter, the better they play. This tip works to improve your game even when you suffer defeat by better tournament players. The experience you gain will be evident when you play opponents of roughly equal skill. You will play better.
  • Study your opponents’ games to learn their weaknesses. Many inexperienced players develop strong forehand strokes, but, they lack the muscle memory to execute backhand strokes efficiently. For example, I once had a doubles partner who had hard forehands, but severely lacked an equally strong backhand. Although, I tried my best to help him develop at least a serviceable backhand, he refused to practice this shot, and consequently never did. During doubles matches and tournaments, he could only compete on the “forehand side” of the court. Our opponents paid attention and usually exploited his backhand deficiency. We could only beat lesser opponents, who did not examine his weakness and take advantage of it.
  • Develop stamina, which wears down your opponents, while practicing healthy eating and lifestyles. This tip may seem to be a bit “off topic,” but it has great relevance to improving your game. This tip is particularly critical if you tend to wear down during a match. Similar to the discouragement you feel when your opponent returns every shot you make, even your best ones, opponents will be the ones who wear down when they see you acting fresh and active as in the start of the match. This is a physical advantage that improves the mental edge in your game.

Going to Brazil For Vacation!


I’m going to brazil! My wife won some free flights to brazil, plus we got a big discount on our hotel. We’ll be staying at Hospital Copa Star, it’s a hospital and hotel apparently. Interesting… But that doesn’t matter. We got an amazing deals, that’s what matters.

My wife won the tickets at her work; from a work lotto draw party. Out of thousands of people she won. I married a lucky women =P

To be honest I don’t know much about Brazil, but it looks like an amazing place. Lot’s of beaches and nature, which I like.

I am somewhat concerned brazil vacationabout the Zika virus, and crime. Especially since I’m taking the kids are coming with us on this vacation.

The hotel appears to be in a very nice area, but I’ll need to research tourist attractions and make sure everything is fine.

Any of my Brazilian readers have any advice? What to see, what to do?

Let me know! I would be very interested in hearing from locals. You can email me and we could even meet up possibly.

Okay, that’s it for now. Just wanted to let the world know. Can’t hide my happiness =)

You’re overpaying for car insurance

Oh boy, this is going to be a fun one. I love insurance, especially car insurance ( Major sarcasm). Unfortunately it’s a necessary evil. Kind of like taxes ( unless you’re a bartender).

I’ve been paying $220 a month for some crappy coverage, and suburban New Jersey. $220 is not a insignificant amount of money to me. So I decided to get off my lazy butt and see if there’s anything I could do to save some $$$. My buddy recommending autoinsurancemonkey.com.

I went to the site, added my ZIP code then got like 12 companies offering me cheap insurance. Super easy. Especially since I freaking hate talking to insurance salesman.

I was able to get comparable insurance for $120. I just saved like $100 in 15 minutes. WORTH IT.

That’s like $1,200 a year. I could buy a new computer with that money.

So if you’re looking for cheap auto insurance in NJ or anywhere else I recommend autoinsurancemonkey.com. If you want cheap car insurance in other states, here’s another website I recommend: Cheap car insurance in texas. You can thank me later. Want cheap car insurance in ga? Try the site in that link. One thing I learned, there’s a website for every state :)

While looking for car insurance I also ran into a pretty interesting site: carloansfox.ca ( Site is Canadian, but Americans can use it). It helps you find and compare bad credit car loans. I have great credit so I don’t need to use this site :), but I know a few of you aren’t so fortunate.


Looking for an SEO company in Mississauga

MississaugaMy wife is starting an accounting company, and I was able to create a website for her. I know the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), but don’t really have the time or desire to help her optimize her entire site! So if you happen to know a good SEO company or Mississauga SEO consultant in the GTA area let me know. I’ve done a little research and found a few good companies, but I leaning towards a consultant I found. If anyone knows anything about: http://www.mississaugaseoconsultant.ca/  let me know what you think.

Since I’m leaning towards working with the guy above at the moment. I’m going to do my research and pick someone to work with by the end of the week though! So email me, by putting in your information in the right sidebar!

Okay, enough about work let’s talk about life!

Lately I’ve been using my time to create an IOS game ( A very basic game, but something I think will be super addicting and fun). If you’re interested in beta testing let me know by filling in your info on the right side bar.

The game is going to be paid, and depending on well it does I’ll create and android version. P.S I hate IOS, but it just performs better for my type of games ( I get wayyyy more sales on it).


Friend started a Chiropractic Marketing company

Hello guys and girls ( Like girls read my blog lol), I don’t normally do this but since this is for a good friend I want to recommend his service. He’s an online marketing guy who specializes in SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is,you can close this post ASAP, it’s not for you.

He specializes in marketing for chiropractic companies, doing SEO. He’s a chiropractic chiropractic marketingSEO. At first I was shocked that this is even a thing, like who does SEO for only one profession, but apparently it’s pretty common.

So if you need SEO work done, and you’re a chiropractor I want to recommend my buddy. I’m guessing the chance one of my readers fits all these criteria is zero, but it’s worth a shot, and I’m getting some pizza for this so it’s a great deal for me! Also he wrote a pretty awesome marketing guide: Chiropractic marketing, I recommend you read it!

Here’s he’s site if your interested: http://www.savedbysearch.com/


Ever wonder how certain cat videos get popular?

Okay I know this might seem a little random and it is. I was bored today so I started bugging my cat trying to get it to do something funny ( So I can film it and put it to YouTube).

Anyway my cat is boring so I never did get any cool footage. So I spent the next 2 hours funny catbrowsing cat videos on YouTube ( Instead of working!). What surprised me was that a lot of really bad videos had millions of views, and some pretty awesome videos didn’t even have a few hundred views. Being a programmer I wondered what algorithm was deciding the position of the video. I know Google has an algorithm for search; so I did some Googling and found out there is indeed a search engine algorithm for YouTube, and it’s pretty complex. Here’s a guide on YouTube SEO. After reading the guide I realized two things:

  1. Making a popular YouTube video is a lot more work then just getting your cat to do something funny.
  2. YouTube’s algorithm is extremely advanced, seriously.

Don’t know why I’m sharing this, but thought it was interesting! I’ve never worked on algorithm’s before, but maybe in retirement I will!